Awesome, Creative Endeavors on the Horizon

Thanks to all for your kind comments from my last blog post. I am more than ready to move past all of that and focus on the fun and important work ahead! It’s been an industrious last couple of weeks creating, celebrating, and scheming some fun endeavors for the future. Cases in point…

Recently I helped celebrate a dear friend (not without holding back a lot of tears at the podium). I was invited to be a part of the tribute for Yvonne Porcella and speak at her life celebration and tribute at the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles. What an emotional but celebratory time together. This woman was clearly and dearly loved by so, so many.

Yvonne Tribute


At long last I finished a baby quilt for the daughter of a former co-worker and friend. I wanted this quilt to be all about color and whimsy and I hope I achieved both with my fabric selections (pattern by–and adapted from–Michelle Tucker in the first issue of Sew Moderne):




I finally have my industrial sink installed in my wet studio! Cabinets to come, but it means I am now in business and my hands will be (from here on in) a mottled mix of purple, chartreuse, teal, red, lemon yellow, and every color combination I can devise…



And I have a designated sink to wash the dogs, too.


We are about to announce the CRAFT NAPA 2017 schedule on the Craft Napa website…banner


A sneak peek at some of the art that will be taught:


Brought to you by…


This will be a fun time next January 12-15 with instruction both at the Embassy Suites/Napa and my art barn; a candid (and telling) panel luncheon; an artists’  market; wine blending; and wine excursions in Napa Valley and neighboring Sonoma.

I am also putting together smaller programs (when I say small, I mean small) for the art barn, too.

And I am rather excited to announce something in one month for a new endeavor for Crafting a Life, LLC— something with which I am extremely familiar.

It’s going to be a gorgeous weekend here in Napa for dyeing, sun-printing, and overall creativity. Hope you have an inspiring and creative weekend, no matter what your weather may be.


To all good things ahead,



8 responses

  1. I would so love to go to Craft Napa 2017! It sounds amazing with all the talented artists in the line-up! Am curious to what your announcement will be in one month. Another TV show? Another magazine? Well, whatever it is I wish you great success!

  2. I look forward to hearing about all the future plans. I would love to come visit. So if you are ever looking for someone else to come teach at the barn, or at any of the other events at Crafting a Life, I hope you’ll think of me! 🙂
    All the best …

  3. Glad I have found you. Missed you on the PBS show. Now my station has dropped the show entirely (or was it discontinued?). Our station now shows Eleanor Burns Quilt in a Day in QA’s place. Thanks for the blog update.

  4. Such a cheerful bunch of good stuff! Can’t wait to see what you’re cooking up! Your baby quilt is fabulous! And you property looks like a piece of paradise…I sure miss California! My home state. I’m on the Oregon Coast now where a sunny day is cause for celebration! Love your posts!

  5. You have been and are very generous in your offerings Pokey. Kindness and generosity often inspires others to do the same, unique to their journey. It is wonderful to see this in the art world, artists willing to share. There is always something to be grateful for. Thank you.

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